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Território Periférico

TERRITÓRIO PERIFÉRICO arquitectura paisagista, Lda. consists of two landscape architects with a similar professional background who always wanted to work together.


The partnership, the result of great professional and personal empathy, was born in 2016, and the company was formalized in 2019.

We work on Landscape Architecture projects favoring the use of native vegetation, specially the use of the potential natural vegetation, enabling open urban spaces' capacity to regenerate consolidated  areas and form new areas within the city, generating new landscape and ecological values. Vegetation allows us to connect with nature, and its use in the design of outdoor spaces returns natural spaces to people and communities.

Technical knowledge

With a distinct innovative capacity within landscape architecture projects, we combine experience with scientific and research skills.

Native vegetation

We favour the use of native species, particularly the natural vegetation of each site, because it reduces maintenance and resource consumption, enhances plantation success rates, and improves biodiversity and environmental quality.

Professional commitment

Our commitment is to provide an efficient and swift response and to rigorously fulfil project objectives and timelines.




Private gardens or outdoor spaces for private use



Projects for public or semi-public open spaces related to private or public institutions



Projects for open spaces associated with tourism facilities


Ecological Restoration

Projects aiming the requalification of degraded natural systems or the integration of ecological restoration processes as part of wider programs

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Consult us for your project

Get in touch with us or fill out the form and tell us what you want for your outdoor space so that we can present you with our best proposal.

NERE - Rua Circular Norte

Parque Industrial e Tecnológico de Évora

7005-841 Évora

Catarina Archer de Carvalho

T/Ph: +351 918 305 913*

Sara Duarte

T/Ph: +351 969 116 418*

* Call to national mobile network.

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